Ten Songs Mix Tape 1- A Time, A Place: The Ten Songs Podcast Live Sessions

by Ten Songs Podcast

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From the original liner notes:

"Ten Songs Podcast was a monthly punk/hardcore/garage punk podcast that I managed to put out on a monthly basis for nearly two years. It was kinda geeky but a lot of fun. It was also a great excuse to feel better about buying a lot of records I would have bought anyhow.

Somewhere along the line, I decided it'd be cool to start including live audio sessions of local punk and hardcore bands. I think I had ideas above my station and thought I was John Peel or something. About the same time though, Rich decided that he wanted to start doing some recording again. He managed to record 7 sessions in the Planet Sounds practice space for the show (including a few out of town bands that were playing in Southampton) before real life got in the way.

This compilation is a collection of some tracks from those sessions. I hope you dig this as much as I do. Please take the time to check out the bands other releases.... If you ever need a place to practice in Southampton, you should check out Planet Sounds at planet-sounds.com. It's a cool space.

Thanks to everyone involved in this project, particularly Rich for putting in all the hard work recording the bands whilst I stood and watched and drank coffee. It was fun times! Enjoy. - Phil Chokeword"

This compilation record was originally released for download in October 2011, just before I left for Australia. It marked the end of Ten Songs Podcast as a monthly show - although it still exists in a more haphazard fashion - and was a goodbye at the time to my home town, which at that point I didn't know if I'd live in again.

Rich now lives in Budapest but I'm back in a SO post code. Uploading this in 2014, I'm vaguely surprised that during what seemed a really bleak time, we managed put this together. That's why this compilation is important to me - it demonstrates that a bunch of people pulling together and pooling their resources can something happen if they put their mind to it and have enough energy and duct tape.

Ten Songs Podcast is still an on going project at tensongspodcast.blogspot.com.

In case your wondering, the art work is deliberately grainy cut n paste. I've always felt that something as clinical as an MP3 file could still have a DIY aesthetic which is why the podcast always has hand made flyers. So many creative acts involve moving files around on a laptop and its nice to get the marker pens and glue sticks out sometimes. This isn't a professional project so I don't really care about it looking professional, just honest.


released January 2, 2014




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