Thrash​-​ionably Late

by Like Grenades

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Liner notes from the original tapes:

"These songs are mostly about loss, regret, drudgery, unhealthy levels of drunkenness and growing old. There’s a love song in there too, just to see if we could write one. In case you’re wondering, that songs not about anyone you know. It’s fictional. Mostly.

Anyway, you’re holding one of about 40 recycled tapes we decided to release for the weekend of shows we were playing at the end of February 2010. We’re sure that these songs will surface again in one way or another in the future (particularly if you email us offering to put them out as a 7 inch) but we thought that since we were playing a couple of rad shows with bands we appreciate, it’d be nice to have something to sell. So, think of it a pre-release – or a split tape with Wham/East 17/Dexys/Ant & Dec. Whatever you’d prefer.

Because most of these audio cassettes were bought second hand from the PDSA in Shirley Precinct, we can’t guarantee they’ll work. Sorry. You can’t play tapes on your iPod anyhow.

Thanks to Steve from Shelter Studios/Planet Sounds for recording and mixing these tracks for us. You should get him to record your band too. He’s one of the good guys- I wish more engineers listened to Black Flag whilst they tried to get a good guitar sound. Thanks to everyone else whose supported us, given us a floor to sleep on or a bit of encouragement and who hasn’t been too bothered when we couldn’t play all our songs in time with each other. You rule. The first person to clock where exactly he’s singing about in Mix Tape gets a half of lime soda from Phil.

SoutHCoast Wolfpack, Jan 2010.

Drums – Sam: Bass – Al: Guitar – Tommy: Vox – Phil; Back Ups by LxG"

LIKE GRENADES was a band Phil sang for post-PILGER and pre-JERKY BEATS. They also featured Sam from MEGA GAMES, Alan from WHOLE IN THE HEAD and Tommy Comstock from... Er... TOMMY COMSTOCK. Influences were varied but centred around THE SHITTY LIMITS and 86 MENTALITY, booze and old reggae/ska/soul.

LxGx lasted about 9 months in 2009/10. They were one of best hardcore bands ever when they played to each other in Planet Sounds but couldn't seem to keep in time when they played in front of anyone else. This is the second demo that came out on tape in time for a couple of shows with VITAMIN X. Besides 40 or so tapes, not much was ever done with this recording.

The soutHCoast Wolfpack was an attempt to revive the South Coast hardcore - which was at a bit of a low ebb at this point following a wave of DIY bands that had been really active from about 2000 to 2007. It was a kind of post modern crew - anyone could be in it because it wasn't real. LxGx made crew badges and gave them out to their mates. It never really took on.

Mix Tape is about the old concrete shelters on the shoreline at Mayflower Park. Someones taken the roof off of them now but it used to be an easy climb up on top. It was a good place to have a beer and watch the boats on Southampton Water before it went the way of the jetty at the fishing lake.



released December 28, 2013




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Track Name: Morning Sickness
Three am. It’s fuckin’ 3 am. I’m chasing exit maps in ceiling cracks. Still justifying desperate acts - nights I’d rather forget - to unknot our reckless words, half heard promises. Now it’s 3am, Monday morning...
Track Name: Vacuum
Trying to have some dignity but it’s hard when there’s blood stains on my knees and vomit on my shirt, words dead in my mouth. Pressures dropping, cracks are showing. I can feel the air rushing out. And that’s just how the day plays out – all black outs, vomit spit, future regrets. Play the Maytals again, tonight we’ll forget.
Track Name: Making Shapes
I just can’t stand it. I can’t. Tonight, let’s try hard to kill monitor eyes, calloused hands. None of that means anything more than wasted days. I just can’t stand it. I can’t. So let’s stomp so hard records skip, sweat out anger with cheap beer, all desperate to forget weeks that feel like years. It’s been so fucking long. Let’s tighten up, let’s let go, let’s act like the morning will never come.
Track Name: Mix Tape
I won’t mention wine stains on your clothes. I don’t really need to know. Let’s go and drink in the park again, maybe we can climb on the roof and then you won’t mention that split in my top lip. Don’t want to talk about it. I will hold your hand and watch tug boats pass. Those things will never last. You’ll dream of sunsets without refinery stacks. Those moments never last.
Track Name: Flat Earth
My world ends right here tonight at the closed doors and mouldy drapes with the stereo and four pack taping those half forgotten records we used to play. My world ends right here tonight sat drowning out frustration with songs only we remember, kind with hooks buried so deep they’re hard to find. Today’s coffee breath, confusion and dead routine. Tonight’s absent friends, broke up bands, scraped car road trips. Tonight my world ends right here.